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Caribbean Dreams - Bissy (Kola nut) Tea (24 tea bags)


Bissy (Kola nut) tea is used in Jamaica as a home remedy for food poison etc a well known 'detox tea'. Kola Tree is native to Africa and the fruit of it is Kola Nut and is called 'Bissy' in Jamaica and usually dry and grate into rough powder and boil in hot water and strain to get tea but this Caribbean Deams tea bags Bissy Tea is very easy to consume, just to add boiled water and your Bissy Tea is ready. The author of this description personally recommends you to use 2 tea bags at a time for a tea cup to enjoy more real taste of the Jamaican Bissy Tea. 


(However due to the high caffeine content, it's not an everyday tea but like a medicine tea)


Caribbean Dreams - Bissy (Kola nut) Tea

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