Trench Town Reading Centre 'KNOWLEDGE is POWER' Tshirts


< quoted from the official website > The Trenchtown Reading Centre was founded in December 1993 - a non-profit, secular, community based, and developed initiative - from the roots up. Library, School, and Community Cornerstone. A place where life is enriched by reading and learning. Emphasizing the exchange of ideas, critical thinking, literacy, education and life skills. Developed to encourage a broad range of educational activities and provide a place for community activities. 


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The proceeds of these Tshirts support TRENCHTOWN READING CENTRE  management and you can also do donations via PAYPAL through the official website.

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( pic model ; artiste Dailey Bread from Judgement Yard in Trench Town Reading Centre Tshirts & artiste Dj Lyrics from Judgement Yard in Alpha Boys School Tshirts) 


- available sizes - Red S,L,XL , Black S, L,XL, XXL , White S,M,L,XL 

Trench Town Reading Centre Tshirts - Red - S