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Addis Pablo 「IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE」vinyl record LP (2014)

(Rockers International official merchandise)


1. Road to Addis

2. Evolution (feat. Earl16)

3. Evolutionary Rockers

4. Ina Di Gideon 

5. Gideon Rockers (feat. Slyford Walker)

6. His Majesty

7. Giving Thanks (feat. Prince Alla)

8. Rockers Troding Jah Road

9. Walls of Jericho

10. To the Chief Musicians (feat. Jah Exile)

11. Wareika Mystic 

12. Thanks and Praise (feat. Chezidek)

13. Rockers International Version

14. One Love, One Heart, One Family

15. Rockers Version

16. In My Father's House

17. My Father Version


Addis Pablo IN MY FATHERS HOUSE LP (Rockers International official merchandise)

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